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Zahnd, Hanman fee offices up for bid

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

The Missouri Department of Revenue is currently seeking bids for the two license bureau locations in Platte County.

The locations in Parkville and Platte City are being put out to seek requests for proposal to run the locations individually.

The Platte City office had an estimated 75,600 transactions in 2008 with processing fees of $246,111. The Parkville office had an estimated 75,011 transactions in 2008 with processing fees of $253,838.

According to a release from the department of revenue, Jay Nixon, governor, is putting all of the state's 183 offices up for bid.

According to Karen King Mitchell, director of the department of revenue, in the past the operation of most offices was awarded to agents based on their political loyalties.

The Parkville office is operated by Tracy Zahnd, wife of Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd, according to the department of revenue website. The office is located along North Cosby Avenue.

The Platte City office is operated by Sandra Davis, the daughter of Gary Hanman, former executive of the Dairy Farmers of America. The office is located on Third Street in Platte City.

Both Zahnd and Hanman were considered big supporters/contributors to the campaign of former Gov. Matt Blunt, whose office later awarded the operation of the license bureaus. Critics and some political observers considered the assignment to Tracy Zahnd done by the governor’s office as a favor to Eric Zahnd for his support, and the awarding to Sandra Davis a favor to her father, Hanman, for his financial support during Blunt’s campaign.

Under the governor’s reform plan, interested contractors would submit their proposals to the Missouri Department of Revenue. Initially, one-year contracts would be awarded based on experience, ability to provide efficient service and community involvement, with renewable options.

Nonprofits and civic organizations are also encouraged to apply. The request for proposals also takes into consideration whether the bidder is a minority-run, woman-run or minority woman-run organization.

For more information about the bid process, call 573-751-2387 or visit



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