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Culverts to be replaced
along Winan Road

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

A project planned to begin soon will replace culverts along Winan Road between Hoover Road and Highway 92.

The culverts are being replaced by the Platte City Special Road District.

According to Frank Offutt, district secretary, the culverts are being replaced because water has undercut the culverts and no longer flows through the culverts. Both culverts were installed in the 1990s.

Offutt said he expects work will begin on Friday, Feb. 20 to replace the culverts along Winan Road. The project is expected to take six weeks to complete, weather permitting.

The project will install two Reinforced Concrete Box (RCB) culverts to replace the current culverts.

Offutt also said the road will not be closed because the district's contractor for the project, Al McKinley Inc., is constructing a bypass while the culverts are being replaced.

Having the road open will allow emergency personnel to continue using the road and will allow access to the Basswood Resort near the intersection of Winan and Interurban Roads.

According to Offutt, the road is important to the district because it allows the district's snow removal crews to not have to go several miles to get around the road.

Offutt said the new culverts will be constructed to the edges of the road's right-of-way in order to accommodate any future roadway expansion along Winan Road.

The road is along the western boundary of the proposed Lake at Tomahawke Ridge development.

The development was voted against by the Platte County Commission with a vote of 2-1 after county staff recommended denying the application.

In the recommendation, staff put forth conditions for approval. One condition was the improvement of Winan Road, such as adding a turn lane into the development.

The northern culvert is north of the development. The southern culvert is between two entrances to the proposed development along Winan Road.



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