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Bridge repairs already
done at Camden Point

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

The bridge along Route E into Camden Point is now open to traffic after crews with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) repaired deterioration on the bridge.

The bridge over Jowler Creek was originally closed on Jan. 14 after a routine inspection found deterioration on the underside of the bridge. It was then reopened on Friday, Jan. 23 after crews reinforced the bridge with steel girders, according to Kerri Lewis, community relations specialist with MoDOT.

“They worked extra long hours to get it open again,” said Lewis.

The crews added steel girders to the underside of the bridge in order to add further support for the structure.

The bridge was originally constructed in 1933 and carries an average of 1,986 vehicles per day. Lewis said the bridge was reduced to one lane several years ago because of its condition.

“It is one of our older bridges,” said Lewis. “The deterioration was caught in the inspection and luckily we were able to reopen it.”

The bridge was reopened as a one lane bridge again.

The bridge is scheduled to be included in MoDOT's Safe and Sound Bridge Improvement Program. The program is to replace the 802 worst bridges in Missouri by Oct. 31, 2014.

Lewis said that when the bridge is replaced, the new bridge will have two lanes for traffic. A schedule for the replacement of the bridge has not been released by MoDOT.

While the bridge was closed, traffic was directed to detour to the Dearborn exit from Interstate 29 and then travel south on Route EE to reach Route E again.


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