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Two men survive area plane crash

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

As first reported in The Landmark last week, a small single-engine plane crashed in a field near Waldron last Wednesday morning around 10:45 a.m.

Two people were in the plane, described as an ultra light experimental aircraft, when it went down in a bean field in the Waldron area. The two people suffered injuries that are not considered life-threatening. The plane had taken off from the nearby Noah’s Ark air field.

Jimmy A. Dulin, 61, from Crane, Mo., was piloting the aircraft and was transported to St. Luke's Plaza Hospital by air ambulance. The pilot sustained the worst injuries. Officials are reporting Dulin's injuries included a broken leg.

According to an online flight instructor directory, Dulin is listed as a flight instructor in Crane, Mo. Dulin is also the author of a book titled “Contact Flying.”

Billie D. Carter, 58 from Mexico, Mo., who is the owner of the plane, was in the back seat and was taken to North Kansas City Hospital by ambulance.

According to Captain Frank Hunter, sheriff's department spokesman, the plane reached between 80 and 100 feet in the air traveling south after taking off from the airport and then turned to head north.

When the plane turned, it disappeared from the view of personnel at the Noah's Ark air field, who then rushed to the scene of the accident.

It was unclear what caused the crash to occur. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating the crash.

The plane landed on property owned by Kansas City Sand and Gravel, L.L.C. The property was formerly owned by JoDill Corp.

The small airport is located in the river valley near the town of Waldron. Waldron is located between Farley and Parkville along River Road.

The plane is a Challenger II experimental aircraft. The plane has a top speed of 95 mph and can be flown with only a sport pilot permit. Kits to build similar planes cost between $13,000 and $16,000.


1/29/09: Small plane crashes in bean field


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