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Tomahawke hoping for annexation

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

The proposed annexation of the Lake at Tomahawke Ridge development into Kansas City is still moving ahead, it appears.

The annexation and preliminary plat for the development of 655 homes is expected to be submitted to Kansas City in mid-March or April.

According to Chris Byrd, attorney for developer Tim Daugherty and property owner Hal Swaney, the developers previously presented the proposal to city staff in order to receive comments and are currently making some modifications.

Byrd said they plan to submit both the petition for annexation and the preliminary plat at the same time to move the project forward sooner. If the paperwork is submitted at the same time it could be approved within six months, according to Byrd.

The first step in the process would be for the city planning commission to approve the proposal. It would then move to the planning and zoning committee before being heard before the city council.

Byrd did not speculate when homes could be built on the property if the annexation is successful, saying it would be a market decision that is up to the developer.

According to Byrd, the zoning for the property would be set by Kansas City.

“If we get annexed in, the zoning would be done the way it needs to be done,” said Byrd. “The density would be less dense than the zoning allows now.”

Byrd said the developer is currently considering a proposal with 655 homes.

The proposal for the development was previously denied by the Platte County Planning and Zoning Commission in August and the Platte County Commission denied the proposal in October.

The developers then filed a lawsuit against the county in November. The developers also began discussions with Kansas City to annex the property for the development in October.

The Platte County Planning and Zoning staff recommended for denial of the project with the following points:

1. The preliminary plat did not conform to the requirements of the Platte County subdivision regulations.

2. The plat did not conform to the goals and policies outlined in the Platte County Future Land Use Plan.

3. The development is “leap frog” and thus out of character with the surrounding area.

4. The development will have a negative effect on the public.


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