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by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Some changes have hit the city of Parkville, with staff reductions.

Two employees were let go from the city at the end of 2008.

Loretta Stevens, city collector, and Steve Taylor, line locator/code inspector, had their last day of employment with the city on Dec. 31.

According to Sean Ackerson, assistant city administrator, the board of aldermen took action at an executive session meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 30.

“It's not anything I can discuss,” said Ackerson. “It is a personnel matter.”

Ackerson said the collector position will be filled “in some capacity.” He explained that because of the recent audit results, the board may make decisions about new checks and balances for the collector’s office.

Ackerson said Stevens had a salary of $46,475 at the position.

Taylor's position was removed, along with several unfilled positions, when the budget was approved by the board on Dec. 16.

Taylor had a salary of $28,669. A police officer position also removed had a previously budgeted salary of around $33,000 and a parks and recreation position had a previously budgeted salary around $28,000.

The board of aldermen approved a budget for 2009 totaling nearly $3.6 million. There is expected to be no additional carryover amount from the 2009 budget. The 2008 budget was projected to have a surplus of $151,552 on December 16.

The expenditures for 2008 are expected to be $3,524,111 and the budgeted expenses for 2009 are $3,599,718.



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