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GOP wins drive for charity

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Democrats may have won the national election, but in Platte County the Republicans won a charitable drive by the leaders of both political parties.

The real winner is Hillcrest Transitional Housing, an organization to help homeless families in the area. The drive raised more than 500 pounds of food and $1,320 for the organization.

According to Mindy Davis, case manager, approximately 75 percent of the food donations were given by Republicans and almost 100 percent of the cash donated was by Republicans.

There were also books and clothes donated by Democrats for the families in the program.
The donation drive was started by Russ Purvis, Platte County Democrat Central Committee chairman, and James Thomas, Sixth District Republican chairman.

Both are columnists for The Landmark.

Donations were also accepted at The Landmark Newspaper office in downtown Platte City, and many attendees to The Landmark’s annual public Christmas party brought donations to the event held at the Comfort Inn in Platte City.

Davis said the amount of food collected will feed six of the organization’s families for about a month.

In Platte County, there are 12 families in the program and four families in the graduate program. According to Davis, Hillcrest plans to open another building near 64th Street to assist more families.

Hillcrest Transitional Housing was started in 1976 in Clay County and started assisting families in Platte County in 2005. Hillcrest operates homes in two locations in Platte County. One location is in Platte City and the other is in Kansas City, near Parkville.

There is also a thrift shop that provides funds for the program located along Prairie View Road in Kansas City.


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