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Shop with a deputy

Platte County Sheriff's Deputy Erik Holland went shopping with Dalton, 9, of Kansas City, (left) on Saturday at Wal-Mart during the Shop with a Deputy program. Deputy Regina Ghan (right photo) pointed to different toys for Blake, 8, of Kansas City.The program allows children who qualify to spend up to $250 shopping for gifts and for clothes for Christmas.
Alan McArthur/Landmark photo

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

The Platte County Sheriff's Department held the 14th annual Shop With a Deputy program at Wal-Mart on Saturday.

The program allows underprivileged children to shop for clothing and toys with a deputy at the Wal-Mart along Barry Road. According to Mark Owen, Platte County emergency preparedness director, the program was able to give each child $250 to spend because of increased donations received.

The children are required to spend $180 on clothes and may spend the rest on toys. Owen said that this year they received just short of $6,000 for the program, but he hopes to receive more to help more children.

“I'd like to thank the residents of Platte County for their donations,” said Owen.

The amount each child was allowed to spend was increased from $150 last year to $250 because of the harder economic times, said Owen.

This year, 31 children participated in the program from 14 different families. More than 40 officers participated, said Owen.

Owen said he hopes the program can help more children next year since there were so many deputies who volunteered to help.

Wal-Mart also donated more than $3,000 to the program to help students. Wal-Mart also donated 14 dinner boxes for the families to have a Christmas dinner. The boxes included green beans, stuffing, gravy, and a turkey.

“Wal-Mart has been wonderful,” said Owen.

Owens said the children who participate are chosen through the Platte County United Services to make sure the process is non-partial.

Since the program began in 1995, more than 450 children have been helped.



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