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Sloan resigns as Platte City alderman

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Platte City now has a vacancy on the Board of Aldermen after Board President Todd Sloan resigned his elected position on Monday.

Sloan submitted his resignation on Monday and a replacement alderman will be sought to fill the term until the April election.

On Tuesday, Sloan told The Landmark that he was married on October 24 so his new wife and himself have been combining households and she lives in Leawood, Kan.

“I now have a 13-year-old step-son and we elected to live in Leawood,” said Sloan.

Sloan also said he had the opportunity to sell his home in Ward 3 and sold the home over the weekend.

Since Sloan no longer lives in the district, he is no longer eligible to be on the board.

Sloan was president of the board, a member of the personnel sub-committee, public works sub-committee, and the board's representative to the planning and zoning commission.

When asked by The Landmark whether he was considering running for a position in Leawood, Sloan said he has no plans to do so.

Frank Offutt, mayor, said the city is moving quickly to fill the open positions.

“There needs to be a process to accept his resignation at the next board meeting,” said Offutt. “I would like to keep a full board.”

The next meeting is on Tuesday, Dec. 9. Offutt confirmed the board will accept Sloan's resignation and elect a new board president at that meeting.

Sloan was going to be up for reelection in April of 2009. Candidates can declare their intent to run for the position in the April election on December 16 with the city clerk.

Offutt said he hopes to appoint a replacement to fill the vacancy until the April election.

“I need someone to sit in the chair for seven meetings,” said Offutt.

According to the city's municipal code section 115.040, the mayor has the authority to appoint a citizen to fill the position and a majority of the board must then vote to confirm the appointment.

The seat could be filled at the Dec. 9 meeting, if the mayor appoints a candidate. Otherwise, the next meeting would be on Tuesday, Jan. 13.



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