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Felonious crimes up slightly in county

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

On Thursday, the commission heard from Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd about the number of felonies and misdemeanors prosecuted in 2008.

According to Zahnd, his department prosecuted 416 felonies from Nov. 1, 2007 to Oct. 31, 2008. The office also prosecuted 3,307 misdemeanors and 8,888 traffic violations.

Zahnd said that last year his office prosecuted 400 felonies and 3,421 misdemeanors. In 1993, the prosecutor's office had 365 felonies and 1,023 misdemeanors, according to Zahnd.

“The felonies have not increased that much,” said Zahnd.

Zahnd said it is being predicted that crime will increase because of the economy.

“There is a concern with the economic downturn that crime will increase, we are watching that,” said Zahnd.

In other business on Thursday, the county commission heard about a project to document the veteran's memorials in Platte County.

The report includes photos of 15 memorials in Platte County and some information about some of the oldest veterans.

In the Platte City Cemetery, there is a veteran of the American Revolutionary War. Joseph Morgan was born in Rome, Italy in 1739 and died in Platte City in 1841 at the age of 102. There are also markers for a veteran of the War of 1812 and the Mexican-American War.

The memorials are spread from Parkville to Dearborn throughout the county.

The commission also approved a service contract with Eaton Electrical for battery maintenance on the county's 9-1-1 system. According to John Kempt, director of facilities management, the cost for the service contract is $4,618.

The commission will hold a public hearing on Thursday, Dec. 11 at 2 p.m. to discuss proposed amendments to the 2008 budget. The amendments will be available on Dec. 1.



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