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Light rail issue derailed by voters

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

A proposal for a light rail starter line in Kansas City was rejected in Platte County and failed overall in Kansas City. In Platte County, the proposal was rejected by 56.26 percent against and 43.74 percent in favor.

The total vote was 11,979 against and 9,314 in favor in Platte County.

In Kansas City, the proposal failed with 66 percent against the starter line and only 44 percent in favor.

The proposal was for a 3/8-cent sales tax to pay for a 14-mile starter line from the intersection of North Oak and Vivion Roads in Clay County to near 63rd Street and 71 Highway south of the river.

The line would have passed through North Kansas City and so there was a ballot question for the municipality with a half cent sales tax to fund the route. The proposal passed with 59 percent in support of the tax.

Edgerton Levy:
The proposed increase in the levy on assessed property was defeated in Edgerton. The proposal would have allowed Edgerton to raise their tax levy to a ceiling of $1 per $100 assessed valuation. The current levy is at a rate of $0.6573 per $100 assessed valuation.

The proposal failed with 67.57 percent of voters voting against the measure. There were a total of 200 votes against and 96 votes in favor.

Constitutional Amendment 1:
Also on the ballot on Tuesday was a constitutional amendment to make English the official language of government meetings. The measure passed in Platte County with 87.01 percent in favor. In Missouri the measure passed with 85.8 percent in favor of the amendment. Only one county in Missouri voted against the amendment, Callaway County voted 53.7 percent against the measure.

Constitutional Amendment 4:
Constitutional amendment 4 was a measure affecting storm water control issues. The amendment passed in Platte County with 63.36 percent in favor. The measure also passed in Missouri with a total of 57.8 percent in favor.

Proposition A:
Proposition A on the ballot removed the loss limit at Missouri casinos and increased the tax casinos pay to schools.

The measure passed in Platte County with 65.93 percent in favor of the proposition. The measure passed in Missouri with 56.2 percent in favor of the removal of the limits.

Proposition B:
Proposition B was concerning home care services through Medicaid for Missourians. The measure passed in Platte County with 77.03 percent in favor. The measure passed in Missouri with 75.2 percent in favor of the measure.

Proposition C:
Proposition C requires Missouri electric utilities to invest more money towards renewable energy sources. The proposal passed in Platte County with 70.34 percent in favor. The measure passed in Missouri with 66 percent in favor. Only Osage County voted against the measure with 52.4 percent against the proposal.



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