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GOP's Plunkett, Dusenbery win commission seats

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Tuesday was a big day for the Republican candidates for the Platte County Commission. Both Kathy Dusenbery and Jim Plunkett captured their districts.

Dusenbery won the first district commissioner seat with a total of 11,343 votes or 54.88 percent of the votes cast. Dusenbery is a former mayor and alderman of Parkville.

“I am ready to start working for Platte County,” said Dusenbery. “I will put in 100 percent of my time and energy to this. I would like to thank everyone who worked so hard on this campaign, everyone worked hard to make this happen.”

Her opponent was former Parkville mayor Bill Quitmeier. Quitmeier received 9,304 votes or 45.02 percent of the votes cast. Quitmeier received 2,039 fewer votes than Dusenbery.

During a “watch party” at the American Legion Hall in Parkville Quitmeier spoke to those in attendance.

“We had a great campaign group,” said Quitmeier. “If Kathy wins, I wish her the best of luck as commissioner. Thank all of you very, very much.”

“I'd like to thank the people who voted for me and congratulate Kathy and wish her well,” said Quitmeier in an interview with The Landmark. “I will continue on my pursuit of land use reform. We need to be protecting neighborhoods. I fully enjoyed this campaign and bringing the issue to the forefront. I have no regrets and no animosity.”

There were a total of 20,668 votes cast in the first district race, 21 of those votes were for write-in candidates.

In the second district, incumbent Jim Plunkett defeated Democrat challenger Chuck Rankin on Tuesday.

Plunkett received a total number of votes of 13,991, giving him 59.2 percent of the votes cast. Plunkett first ran for the commission in 2004 and has focused on fixing roads and bridges in the second district and keeping an eye on spending.

“It’s a landmark victory. I guess the people have to put up with me for four more years,” Plunkett said with a smile.

Asked why he feels the voters showed such confidence, Plunkett responded: “I hope it’s for the fiscal responsibility and the work we’ve done on the roads.”

Rankin challenged Plunkett for the seat because he wanted regulations on sewers to improve the health of residents. Rankin received 9,622 votes or 40.71 percent of the votes cast. Rankin received 4,369 fewer votes than Plunkett.

“I want to thank all of you people for all the work you did,” said Rankin, addressing the watch party. “I met a lot of nice people in the county and I hope Jim does a good job. Thank you for all your help.”

There were a total of 23,633 votes cast in the second district race, 20 of the votes were for write-in candidates.

Voter turnout in Platte County on Tuesday was nearly 75%.


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