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Five arrested after disturbance

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Several broken items and five arrests were the result of a fight at the Waffle House restaurant in Platte City.

A fight broke out at the Waffle House shortly before 2 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 18.

According to a police report from the Platte City Police, the incident began when Waffle House employee Danyell Phinney, 17, of Atchison, Kan., told her cousin Samantha Schmidt, 22, of Gladstone, also an employee of Waffle House, information of a personal nature. Phinney then became angry when Schmidt told Amber Stephens, 22, of Platte City, a Waffle House employee, the information about Phinney.

According to the police report, Phinney “had words with her cousin” in the restaurant and then went to the back of the restaurant to smoke a cigarette. Stephens then went to the back of the restaurant and told Phinney she needs to stop yelling and swearing in front of customers. The police report indicates the two then exchanged “heated words” before Phinney stood up, at which time Stephens allegedly punched Phinney in the face.

According to the report, Phinney then quit her job and called some friends to give her a ride home.

Phinney's friends arrived and the five then went into the restaurant. In the vehicle were Dayshia Page, 25, Amber Busch, 22, Christina Harris, 26, and James Burns, 26, all of Atchison, Kan.

When the five entered the restaurant they began yelling and screaming at Stephens. Phinney allegedly told Stephens “that she would take care of me later at my dad's house,” according to Stephens.

Page then allegedly picked up a coffee cup and waved it at Stephens before throwing the cup on the floor.

A customer in the restaurant, Michael Atkins, 27, of Platte City, then told them to stop yelling and leave. Page and Burns then allegedly came over to Atkins and, according to Atkins, said they would “slit my throat and throw my body in the river.” Page then allegedly picked up a glass bottle of salsa and threw it at Atkins, but missed and it hit the cash register before breaking on the floor.

The five then left in a blue Ford Festiva driven by Harris.

Platte City officers were then called to the scene and the Festiva was stopped by Weston officers near the intersection of 45 Highway and Middle Road.

A Platte City officer, Weston officer, and sheriff's deputy then transported the five back to the Waffle House to be identified.

Page was arrested for disorderly conduct and property damage. Busch, Harris, Burns, and Phinney were arrested for disorderly conduct. The total value of the salsa glass and the coffee cup is around $20.

Page was given a bond of $750, Busch, Harris, Burns, and Phinney were given bonds of $250.

Platte City officers were going to arrest Stephens for assault, but delayed the arrest because of “extenuating circumstances.” The report states Stephens is a single parent and the officer allowed Stephens to gather money for a $250 bond. The report also states the Waffle House would have had to close for a period of time if Stephens had been arrested, because the investigating officer said only one employee would have been left at the restaurant to “take orders, cook, etc.”



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