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Brown and McCormick tout qualities

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Incumbent Bonnie Brown, Democrat, is being challenged by Michael McCormick, Republican, for the county treasurer position in the November election.

Brown was first elected to the position of treasurer in 2000 and is seeking her third term in the position. Before being elected, she worked in the banking industry for 20 years.

According to Brown, there are several new programs being implemented in the county.

“We are now in the process of upgrading our accounting software,” said Brown. “I think the upgrade will give us the opportunity to look at becoming less paper dependent. With the new system, departments will be able to download the information they need.”

Brown has also implemented a fraud protection program and initiated a remote deposit program so the county begins earning interest one day sooner. The county also now accepts credit cards in many offices.

The treasurer is in charge of investing the county's money to get the best rate of interest.

“We don't depend on the return, but it is my responsibility to keep an eye on rates,” said Brown.
Brown said the average rate of return this year is about 3 percent with the slower economy; last year's rate was about 5 percent.

For Brown, a common challenge as treasurer is working as a team with people who sometimes disagree.

“I've always felt I could go to the commissioners, but sometimes it is a challenge,” said Brown. “The challenge is we have to keep our eyes on the goals of the county.”

Brown said she is seeking reelection because she really enjoys the job she does and likes working as the treasurer.

“I really like my job, I like working for the county,” said Brown. “I would like to keep on working; I'm not ready to retire.”

Brown said she is the best candidate because the job of treasurer is dealing with banks and that she has experience from having worked at banks.

Brown is being challenged by Michael McCormick for the Platte County Treasurer position.

McCormick is a self-employed independent travel consultant through Cruises Inc. and formerly was an owner of a restaurant for 16 years. According to McCormick, he has been active in the Republican Party for more than 30 years.

“I felt it was time to give back to the community,” said McCormick. “I am in a position to give 100 percent of my time back to the community.”

McCormick said that if elected, he will be able to transfer his customers to another consultant through Cruises Inc.

“We have been very fortunate in Platte County that we've had a strong economy for 10 years,” said McCormick. “The number one issue (for the county) is the recent slowdown and it may cause a decline in revenue.”

McCormick said he has experience for the position because he has had successful businesses and has had to deal with government entities.

“I have dealt with just about every government entity and understand what a typical person has to deal with,” said McCormick. “I have had two very successful companies.”

McCormick said that being a businessman has given him an understanding of how to complete tasks and said the treasurer should evaluate all of the risk and reward when choosing investments.

“We owe it to taxpayers to make the best investment opportunities,” said McCormick.

McCormick said that if he is elected he will follow all of the state statutes governing county treasurer offices. McCormick also thinks the country is focused too much on the political party of candidates.

“Politics ends on Nov. 5,” said McCormick. “As a nation we are too focused on the party and not a synergy of effort with talented people.”

The election for county treasurer is on Tuesday, Nov. 4.



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