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by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

A voluntary annexation petition submitted by developer William Mann for the proposed Windmill Creek Subdivision has been returned to the developer because of two clerical omissions.

The petition to annex 81.26 acres into Platte City and then develop 140 single family lots and 18 duplexes along with 12.53 acres of commercial development was rejected because the developer omitted a business name and his title.

The property is currently owned by WB Seven L.L.C., for which William Mann is the registered agent. According to Missouri statute, the name of the L.L.C. must be listed on the voluntary annexation petition as well as the title of the petitioner.

“The petition for voluntary annexation was not properly verified when Mr. Mann signed the document,” said Jason Metten, city administrator, in a press release.

Also, Metten said, “Mr. Mann signed in his individual capacity and not on behalf of the business entity that owns the property to be annexed. City staff is excited about the project and does not wish to cause delays, but I am afraid that the additional steps are needed to make sure the annexation is handled properly.”

Because of the omission, the petition is being returned to Mann and Mann will have to file the petition again with the corrected information. The new petition will have to start from the beginning of the annexation process.

A hearing had already been scheduled to discuss voluntary annexation during the Oct. 28 board of aldermen meeting. The hearing will be conducted between 14 and 60 days after the new petition is submitted, according to Metten.

The city will also have to republish the legal notice notifying the public of the voluntary annexation petition.

The original petition was submitted to the city on Sept. 17 and has already been presented before the public works and public safety subcommittees.

The property is located east of Platte City and south of 92 Highway. The development will connect to Roanridge Road near the I-29 and I-435 interchange.

Mann previously has told The Landmark that homes in the development will have an average price of $275,000.

According to secretary of state documents, the L.L.C. is registered to William Mann, and lists the organizer as Keith W. Hicklin, who is also Platte City's attorney. The L.L.C. was created in 2005, according to the documents.


9/24/08: Developer wants annexed


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