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Radio host talks media bias, politics

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

The Platte County Pachyderm club had local radio talk show host Chris Stigall from KCMO 710 speak during its monthly meeting at O'Dowd's in Zona Rosa on Thursday, Oct. 2, with a topic of “bias in the media.”

Stigall talked to the club about his experiences at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions as well as the reasons he supports John McCain. Stigall also talked about what he sees as bias in the national and local media sources.

Stigall expressed his concerns about the national media's role in the presidential election and their apparent support for Barack Obama.

He gave the example of going to the Democratic National Convention and while the anchors attempted to be objective, Stigall said the people behind the camera all had Obama shirts on.

Stigall also said he was worried about the Senate economic 'bailout' bill.

“The people in the Senate brought us to financial ruin, and now they're crafting the bill to get us out,” said Stigall.

Stigall later hit on the Kansas City Star, pointing out how many of the columnists and editors are Democrats and very few try to hide their feelings.

“That is maybe the most embarrassing piece of garbage,” Stigall said of the Star.

On the issue of Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser, Stigall said he supports the mayor.

“I've been behind him all the way, he's very fiscally conservative,” said Stigall.

The main thing Stigall said was holding the mayor back is the issue with his wife playing too active a role in the mayor’s office.

Stigall along with KCMO 710AM has been hosting a presidential debate watch party on the night of the debates at The Dish in Liberty, Mo.

The Pachyderm Club announced it had raised $1,600 at the golf tournament held at Shiloh Springs Golf Course on Thursday, Sept. 25. Proceeds will be used to do mailings in support of Republican candidates.



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