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Parkville facing potential water increase

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Hearings will begin at the end of October for the Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) to discuss possible water and sewer rate increases for Parkville and Riverside residents by Missouri-American Water.

The proposed increase would affect all customers of Missouri-American, but largely residential customers.

Customers in the Parkville area could see a 33 percent increase in their water bills from $42.92 per month for 8,000 gallons to $57.16 per month.

Missouri-American is also proposing an increase in the sewer rate from $46.70 per month to $56.74 per month.

According to a press release from the PSC, Missouri-American is proposing the increases in order to cover improvements. Missouri-American says it would increase water annual operating revenues by nearly $49.6 million and increase the sewer annual operating revenues by $133,000.

Water increases would affect 10 cities/counties and sewer increases would affect three areas. The 10 places affected are Brunswick, Jefferson City, Joplin, Mexico, Parkville, St. Charles, St. Joseph, St. Louis, Warrensburg, and Warren Co. The sewer increase would affect Parkville, Cedar Hills, and Warren Co.

The PSC will hold evidentiary hearings starting on Oct. 31 and running through Nov. 14 in Jefferson City, Mo. The hearings are open to the public.

The PSC held a public hearing at Park University on Sept. 9 to hear from residents about the proposed increase.



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