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Subdivision proposed just east of Platte City

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

A preliminary plat and petition for voluntary annexation were submitted to Platte City on Wednesday, Sept. 17 by Steven Warger, a consulting engineer with Harrington & Cortelyou, Inc., on behalf of the developer, Bill Mann.

The proposed subdivision named the Windmill Creek Subdivision is located along 92 Highway, east of the Platte City Self Storage and would continue south to connect to Roanridge Road near the intersection of I-29 and I-435 Highways.

The development will be on a total of 81.26 acres and have 140 single family lots and 18 duplex lots on 68.73 acres. The commercial development will be on 12.53 acres with 11.25 acres as street right-of-way. The development will have four tracts of open space adding up to 8.91 acres.

The division makes 10.96 percent of the acreage proposed to be developed as green space.

According to Mann, the average price of homes in the subdivision will be around $275,000. Mann said the average lot width is 70 feet wide and about 125 feet deep.

Mann also said he is not sure what type of commercial development will be constructed on the property.

“I don't know yet. I was thinking of small businesses that want to own their own building,” said Mann.

Mann said the commercial development will not be a strip mall development and the land will be cheaper than the Platte Valley Plaza.

Jason Metten, city administrator, said the soonest the development would be approved is February 2009.

According to Metten, the first step in the process will be to publish the notice of the annexation in a local newspaper beginning on October 8. The public hearing could then be held at the city's regular meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 28.

The board of aldermen would then have to hold a special meeting on Monday, Nov. 10 to approve the annexation.

Metten said that when the property is annexed into the city it will be zoned agricultural and would then need to be heard before the planning and zoning commission and the process could be complete as early as Jan. 19, 2009. The final zoning change would then come before the board of aldermen on Tuesday, Feb. 10 to be approved.

Metten said it is going to be a long process.

“We're only on step one of about 75,” said Metten.

According to Mann, he said he wants to be annexed into the city because it would help the city grow.

“I think that's what should happen, if not I'll stay in the county,” said Mann. “Platte City needs to expand.”

Mann also said he has already met with representatives of the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) about possible improvements along 92 Highway to accommodate the development.

Metten said he thinks the project will qualify for the city's bond issue for water and sewer infrastructure construction that was passed in April.

The bond issue would allow the city to provide water connections to the development with the developer paying roughly half of the cost of the project.

The subdivision will consist of four phases with the last being the development along Roanridge Road.

The preliminary plat shows a connection road from 92 Highway to an East/West road labeled 141st Street. A different connector road would then go from 141st to Roanridge.

Along Roanridge there are four cul-de-sac roads and a road with both ends open to Roanridge.

Currently, Roanridge Road is closed near where it meets with Bethel Road. Mann said he requested MoDOT close the road to prevent people from dumping trash on his property along the road.

The property was formerly known as the Newby Farm.

The three parcels are currently shown to be owned by WB Seven L.L.C., according to the county's GIS website. According to a search of records provided by the Secretary of State, the registered agent for WB Seven L.L.C. is William T. Mann. The organizer listed with Mann is Keith W. Hicklin, who is also Platte City's attorney. The L.L.C. was created in 2005 with the purpose to “buy, sell, lease, and develop real estate.”



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