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Parkville's police chief says he'll call it quits

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Parkville's Chief of Police Bill Hudson will retire at the end of this year. Hudson has been the police chief for Parkville for 15 years, since January 1994.

Hudson said he told the interim city administrator about a month ago that he planned to retire in December 2008.

Hudson was formerly a major at the Kansas City Police Department before retiring in December of 1993. Hudson worked with Kansas City for 25 years and prior to that spent four years in the Marines.

“I have been working non-stop for 40 years,” said Hudson. “I feel I have done my duty.”

Hudson said he plans to do a lot of hunting, fishing and reading after retiring. He also plans to spend a lot of time with his grandsons.

Hudson said one of the best things about working in Parkville has been the people in Parkville.

“There are a lot of wonderful people here,” said Hudson. “And there is great government that has been so supportive for me. It's just a great place to be.”

For Hudson one of the most exciting things has been that the level of crime in Parkville has not increased.

“Crime rates have stayed stable,” said Hudson. “It's boring for us, but it's good for everyone in Parkville.”

Hudson will officially retire at the end of the year, however with accrued vacation, he said his last day would likely be in mid-November.

Hudson is an adjunct professor for Park University and teaches courses in criminal justice/law enforcement. Hudson said he plans to continue teaching at Park University.

Dave Olsson, interim city administrator, will begin taking applications for someone to fill the chief position at Parkville. The board of aldermen is also continuing to search for a new city administrator to replace Joe Turner who resigned in April to take a position as city manager for Fort Scott, Kan.

Hudson said he hopes the city administrator will ask his opinion during the hiring process for a new chief and said he will be glad to assist.



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