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Previous dispute led to brawl at Parkville

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

The Landmark has uncovered details about the brawl that broke out at the Parkville Athletic Center (PAC) on Sunday, August 17.

According to the police report, two Parkville officers were called to the PAC around 3:20 a.m. because of a large fight in progress. The officers also called for backup from the Platte County Sheriff's Department and one deputy showed up.

According to the report, the party at the PAC was a celebration for the graduation of Adhel Awan Riak, 25, of Kansas City, Mo., from college.

The main victim in the fight was Anok Awan Riak, 19, of Kansas City, Mo.

Five suspects are listed in the police report, Jacqueline Bol, 18, Richard Ring, 20, Ayak Shol, 19, and Lushia Ring, 18.

The report says there had been a dispute between the victim and Bol before the party on Aug. 17.

When the officers arrived they estimated 150 people were standing outside the PAC. The three officers attempted to disperse the crowd but many refused to leave the area.

When the officers arrived they found the victim, Anok Riak, inside the PAC and asked her to identify the suspects. She identified Bol, Lushia Ring, and Shol. According to the report, when she identified Shol, Shol allegedly pushed through the crowd of people standing there and raised both hands as she lunged toward Riak and attempted to strike her.

One of the officers grabbed Shol from behind and placed her on the ground in the grass. After the officer took down Shol, a number of people in the group began to yell profanities toward the officers, yelling that she was pregnant.

Richard Ring then allegedly pushed past the officers and pushed the officer off of Shol and kicked him in the ribs and hip. The officer then got up and placed Ring on the ground by using force.

The group of people were still threatening the officers and one of the other officers removed his Taser and ordered them to back up. The officers then requested additional units at 3:31 a.m.

By this time, Shol had gotten up and was walking to a car with a group of about 15 people. Some in the group were yelling that she was six months pregnant. The officers then ordered MAST and South Platte Fire to respond at 3:33 a.m.

Several people in the group refused to step away from Shol and continued to threaten and curse at the officers, so MAST and South Platte Fire were not able to get to the scene because of the “unstable nature” of the situation, according to the police report.

Around 3:35 a.m. two officers with the Platte County Sheriff's Department arrived along with three officers from Riverside. The officers ordered the group to disperse and placed several in handcuffs for refusing to step away from Shol.

MAST and South Platte Fire were able to gain access to the scene at 3:41 a.m. Shol was then transported to North Kansas City Hospital. Two other persons not involved in the assault were transported by MAST to Research Hospital.

Officers from North Kansas City, Northmoor, and Lake Waukomis also arrived on the scene.
Anok Riak was evaluated by MAST and had lacerations to her back, nose, right eye and cheek; her right eyelid and cheek were swollen. There were also large chunks of hair pulled from her head revealing bare scalp. Riak refused treatment by MAST.

While at the Parkville Police Station, Richard Ring told officers his back was hurt and he wanted to go to the hospital. MAST responded at 5:02 a.m. and transported him to St. Luke's Hospital on Barry Road

According to the report, the problems had begun earlier when the victim, Anok Riak, and Bol had sent text messages saying they were going to fight each other.

Riak told the officers she was walking to her car when Bol confronted her in the parking lot after the party ended around 3 a.m. Riak said Bol struck her first and pulled her hair. Riak also said that when she fell to the ground then Richard Ring and Shol kicked her.

According to Adhel Riak, the victim's sister, she was walking to her car when she saw the two fighting and attempted to break up the fight. She said then struck by Lushia Ring and took her sister inside the PAC. Riak said that Bol and Lushia Ring followed them inside PAC attempting to continue fighting.

Bol told officers that Riak had started the fight and struck her on the forehead. Officers found a laceration on her forehead. Bol stated that Adhel Riak had struck Lushia Ring in the lip after trying to pull Bol away from Anok Riak.

Bol also reported going into the PAC after the victim, and said she was mad and “I was getting my licks in.”

Lushia Ring stated she saw Anok Riak strike Bol first and was trying to separate the fight when Adhel Riak elbowed her in the mouth. Ring said that after being struck she and Bol walked away from the fight before the police began to arrive.

Bol and Lushia Ring were each transported to the Platte County Detention Center and held on $1,500 for the assault. Both of the suspects are listed as being born in Sudan.

A search on the Internet for the victim, Anok Riak, found she is aspiring to be a model. Adhel Riak is a former Park University student and was a member of the school's track team.

The Parkville Board of Aldermen and police chief are working with the PAC to make sure the parties do not last as late into the night and that they have proper security.


8/21/08: Party at Parkville ends with brawling


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