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Cab driver charged with rape

by Ivan Foley
Landmark editor

A 34-year-old cab driver is charged with sexually assaulting a 19-year-old Platte City resident in her apartment Saturday night.

Mohammad K. Miticha, of Kansas City in Platte County, is charged with the Class C felony of sexual assault after the woman alleged that he forced her onto a couch in her apartment and engaged in forced intercourse.

Miticha is in custody in the Platte County Detention Center, with a cash-only bond having been set at $100,000 by Judge Gary Witt.

The victim told police that a Yellow Cab driven by Miticha picked her up in Kansas City and drove her to Platte City. The victim stated that once they were in Platte City, the cab driver drove her around town, at which time he stopped in a parking lot. She said the cab driver advised her the fare was $80, and she told him she only had $40 on her. He drove her to a convenience store where she unsuccessfully tried to use an automated teller machine.

The victim stated the cab driver drove to her apartment at 2900 Williamsburg Terrace, where she advised him that her roommate would be home shortly, at which time the roommate could pay the rest of the cab fare. The victim told police she invited the cab driver to wait in her apartment with her for the roommate to arrive.

Once inside, she said the cab driver sat in a recliner. The 19-year-old told police Miticha was talking to her “in a perverted way.” It is alleged he then told her he did not have time to wait. The victim alleges that Miticha attacked her, pushing her down onto the living room couch, where it is alleged he forced her pants off of her, ripped her shirt and forced intercourse. She said she tried to fight off the cab driver but could not.

The victim said Miticha received a cell phone call and told her he would “like to spend the rest of the night with her but he had other things to do” and left the apartment, according to court documents.

Police were called in regard to the incident about 10:25 Saturday evening. The victim described the suspect as a Middle Eastern or black male, about 5’6” tall and 130 pounds with wavy black hair and a pony tail.

Police used the Yellow Cab GPS system to locate Miticha’s cab. He was arrested at 39th and Mercier in Kansas City.

The victim later picked Miticha out of a photo line-up.



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