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Eighteen want to be on
board at Park Hill

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

The Park Hill School Board held a special meeting on Friday to provide board members with information about the 18 candidates for the open board seat.

The seat was vacated when board member Mike Otto resigned from the board to accept a principal position with the Raytown School District.

The board accepted applications for two weeks following the resignation of Otto. The applications from candidates included resumes and background information for each candidate to allow the board to make a decision of who to elect.

The board decided to create a sub-committee to look over the applications and make a recommendation of at least six candidates for the full board to then discuss. The committee is made up of board members John Thomas, Bob Weidt, and Denise Schnell.

After the committee makes a recommendation, the board will interview the six or more candidates on Saturday, Sept. 6. Thomas said the board hopes to have the six candidates chosen by Labor Day.

The 18 applicants for the position are: Ann L. Capps, Jean C. Allan, James D. Brauer, Donald J. Breckon, Mark A. Foltz, Jackie Dunn, Susan Newburger, Janice Bolin, William M. Super, Lathem A. Scott, Mary Klaveetter Florence, Dan Coronado, Valerie S. McCaw, Debra Sapp-Yarwood, Charles Franklin, Brent Lagergren, Donald E. Cole, and Norman Scott Bowman.

If a candidate is elected by the board, that person could begin serving on the board as early as the Thursday, Sept. 11 meeting.

The subcommittee will meet on Friday, Aug. 29 at 7 a.m. at the Corner Cafe in Riverside to discuss the candidates and attempt to make a recommendation to the full board.




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