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COST IS $116,950
Courthouse to get 80 new windows

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

The Platte County Commission awarded a bid by Mill Valley Construction for the construction and installation of new windows for the Platte County Courthouse.

The total cost for the project is $116,950 and is budgeted for 2008. The project will replace more than 80 windows on the courthouse.

John Kempt, director of facilities management, said the windows are needed because many of the current windows are sealed shut with caulking because they had been leaking. Kempt also said the leaky windows were the reason the county had to fix a problem earlier this year with mold in the courthouse.

The project of installing the windows was bid to take 150 days after the construction of the windows was completed. Kempt expects it will take about five months to construct the windows because they are being specially made.

The windows must match the original windows because the courthouse is listed as a national historic place.

The commission also approved the placing of a historic marker commemorating Platte City's involvement in the Civil War. The marker will be placed near the front steps of the courthouse and be a part of the Jesse James Trail, which will include three other markers in Platte County.

The other three markers will be placed in Weston, Parkville, and Camden Point. The markers will be part of the larger Gray Ghosts Trail across the state.

The commission also announced a ribbon cutting will be held on Friday, Aug. 29 for the Missouri Riverfront Trail.

The ribbon cutting will be held at 11 a.m. at the west trailhead along Intercon Road near 9 Highway. Brian Nowotny, parks and recreation director, announced the event and invited people to attend.

The event will open the section of the trail along the levee through Riverside to near Argosy Casino. The trail will eventually connect to English Landing Park in Parkville and also E.H. Young Park in Riverside.

For more information call the parks department at 816-858-3419 or visit




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