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12-14 police cars respond
Party at Parkville ends with brawling

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Parkville police were called to a reported assault around 3:20 a.m. on Sunday morning.

When they arrived at the Parkville Athletic Complex (PAC) the two officers found approximately 150 people outside of the building and a woman who had allegedly been assaulted inside the building.

According to Bill Hudson, police chief, the people had been at a college graduation party held at the complex and had received extensions for the party, originally scheduled to end at midnight until 3 a.m.

Hudson said that three women and one man had allegedly assaulted the woman because of an ongoing feud. The woman victim allegedly had chunks of her hair pulled out leaving bald spots.
“When the officers got there they tried to disperse the crowd,” said Hudson.

During this, one of the suspects tried to assault the woman again and an officer attempted to handcuff her, but she resisted. According to Hudson, the officer forced her to the ground and was attempting to handcuff her when she said she was pregnant.

A male in the crowd then pushed the officer off of the woman and kicked the officer in the ribs.

The officers then arrested the man and called MAST to transport the woman to the hospital. The man also later complained that his back hurt and was sent to the hospital also.

According to Hudson, officers do not normally travel with arrestees to the hospital and the two were later released from the hospital.

Officers arrested two other women in the incident who were later transported to the Platte County Detention Center.

During the incident, officers requested backup and officers arrived from Weatherby Lake, Riverside, Northmoor, Houston Lake, North Kansas City, and Platte County. Hudson said there were between 12 and 14 police cars at the scene.

“Most of the people at the party were between (the ages of) 18 and 25,” said Hudson. “There wasn't alcohol at the function, but there was plenty in the parking lot. Most people were drinking.”

Hudson said that on Sunday the parking lots of the PAC and the Platte County Community Center South were filled with beer bottles and cans.

According to Hudson, the department is attempting to get arrest warrants for the two people taken to the hospital and charges are pending against the two women arrested.

Information about suspects was not immediately available on Tuesday.

Hudson said he would be talking with the owners of the PAC in hopes of finding a way to prevent such an incident from occurring again.




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