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Man, 48, may have abused area children

Platte County authorities are asking members of the public to contact them if they know children who might have been victimized by a man charged with multiple child pornography counts.

David D. Liberty, 48, of Parkville, who was convicted in 2002 of possessing child pornography, now faces up to 78 years in prison for allegedly distributing obscene material on the internet relating to young boys and possessing multiple images of alleged child pornography.

Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd and Sheriff Richard Anderson said an ongoing investigation of the Platte County Cyber Crimes Unit led them to believe Liberty may have abused children in the Kansas City area. They asked anyone suspecting Liberty of abusing a child to contact the Western Missouri Cyber Crimes Task Force Tip Line at (816) 858-1922.

According to court documents, Liberty allegedly posted descriptions of sexual contact with young boys on an internet forum. Liberty allegedly wrote about his job cleaning up new home construction sites and how he liked to watch little boys play in those neighborhoods.

Anderson said that over the past 18 months to two years, Liberty worked for a construction company in the Hills of Oakmont, Autumn Ridge, Bristol North, Grayhawk, Coves North, and Tiffany Lakes subdivisions as well as in the area of 71st and North Wyandotte in Gladstone and 71st and North Gower in Kansas City, North.

Liberty also allegedly wrote about receiving “lap dances” from a five-year-old boy and a seven-year-old boy “humping my back.” Liberty allegedly included in an internet post that he was from the “SHOW ME state where u can still find LIL BOYS PLAYING NAKED n the creeks” (sic).

Liberty allegedly said he was attracted to boys from age four to ten and sometimes 11 or 12. He also allegedly posted an Internet entry saying “I LUV LIL BOYS 5 to 10 n diapers the best” (sic).

Investigators served a search warrant at Liberty’s Parkville home in May. Court documents detail nine images of alleged child pornography found on a computer allegedly owned by Liberty. Some of those photographs allegedly depict boys under the age of 14 participating in sexual conduct. Others show naked young boys bound. Still others show boys ages 8 to 12 in diapers. Other images show Liberty wearing a diaper.

Zahnd said Liberty was charged July 29 with one count of promoting child pornography in the first degree and nine counts of possession of child pornography. Liberty was arrested July 30 and is being held in lieu of a $200,000 cash bond.

If convicted of promoting child pornography, Liberty faces up to 15 years in prison. Because Liberty has a prior conviction for possessing child pornography, he faces up to seven years in prison on each of those counts.

According to court documents, Liberty was previously arrested in September 2001 for possession of child pornography. At the time of his arrest, Liberty was wearing a diaper. A search of his vehicle revealed four photographs of children with their genitals exposed, rope, bailing twine, scissors, a GI Joe doll, a Polaroid camera, and three pairs of women’s underwear.

Liberty pled guilty to two counts of possession of child pornography in August 2002 and ultimately spent 180 days in the Platte County Jail.

Court documents also indicate that Liberty had once been detained by Kansas City police for running on a jogging track near Plaza Middle School in Platte County, wearing only a diaper and shoes.

The case is being investigated by detectives with the Cyber Crimes Unit of the Platte County Sheriff’s Department. It is being personally prosecuted by Zahnd and Chris Seufert, who is the assistant prosecutor in Zahnd’s office assigned to that unit.

The charges against Liberty are merely accusations, and Liberty is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.




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