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Serious accident at Winan

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

A two vehicle crash at the intersection of Winan Road and 92 Highway sent one person to the hospital and injured at least one more last Wednesday afternoon.

The accident happened when a Toyota Prius driven by Christopher Legaard, 33, of Kansas City, was traveling north on Winan and allegedly did not stop for the stop sign, striking a Honda Accord driven by Shawn Holmes, of Smithville.

The Accord was traveling west on 92 Highway and was struck on the driver's side of the vehicle. Holmes later had to be extracted from the vehicle by firefighters and was taken to the hospital by Northland Regional Ambulance District with disabling, but non-life threatening injuries.

The Prius sustained damage to the front end of the vehicle.

Also in the vehicle with Christopher Legaard were Casey Michaelson, 17, and Corey Legaard, 15, both of Kansas City. The Prius was filled with musical equipment and Michaelson and Corey Legaard were both sitting in the front passenger seat. Neither of them was wearing a seat belt, authorities said. The airbags deployed on both vehicles.

According to Frank Hunter, captain with the Platte County Sheriff's Department, Michaelson refused treatment at the scene, but was later driven to the hospital to be checked out for an evident injury. Corey Legaard did not have any apparent injuries.

The driver of the Prius stated in the police report that he was driving too fast to stop for the stop sign, authorities said.

For several hours the intersection was blocked by the wreck and drivers were forced to take alternative routes to get around the area. Both vehicles had to be removed from the scene by tow service.

Traffic safety in the area has been a cause for concern among residents who live along that stretch of Hwy. 92. A high-density development of more than 600 homes is being proposed near Hwy. 92 and Winan, and neighbors have argued the highway and side roads would not be able to safely handle the increased traffic the proposed development, known as Lake at Tomahawke Ridge, would bring.



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