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Narrower lanes bring more parking spots

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

After repaving a large number of streets in Platte City, the city’s public works department was at work repainting lines for parking along Main Street. The newly painted lines created an additional 23 parking spots.

According to Leonard Hendricks, Platte City public works director, the lines were repainted to be the standard spot width of nine feet instead of the previous 10.5 feet.

This increased the number of spots from 179 along Main Street to 202. On Tuesday, crews were out finishing the painting for handicap spots and crosswalks. Later, crews will move some of the handicap parking signs closer to their current locations.

Parking along Main Street was also an issue on Monday night at the Platte City public works committee meeting. At issue was the portion of Main Street directly east of First Street where the city was considering parallel parking.

A resident had approached the committee about the parking because she was concerned her mailbox might be blocked.

The committee decided to recommend to paint the spots, but to avoid blocking her mailbox.
The committee also will recommend placing signs limiting parking between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. in those spots.

Another issue before the committee involved the city's ordinance banning curb helpers in Platte City.

The committee is currently working on a new ordinance which would allow curb helpers to be installed at the end of driveways who have a higher than four inch rise in the curb or the driveway has more than a 12 percent rise or fall in the driveway.

Before the new ordinance was proposed, curb helpers were illegal in Platte City. According to Hendricks, the curb helpers often go into the street causing water to run over the asphalt and causing damage to the street. The curb helpers also catch the corners of snow plows, breaking the blades or the hydraulics to control the blade.

The new ordinance would allow removable curb helpers that allow water to run underneath. The curb helpers would have to be removed before a snow storm so they don't damage the snow plows.

At the end of the meeting the committee decided to allow Hendricks to install some examples of curb helpers at some residences in town before making a final decision.

“We can try a couple examples and then see if we have a problem,” said Todd Sloan, alderman. “I suggest we get models set up and see what works.”

The proposed new city ordinance will still need to be approved at the committee's meeting next month before being voted on for approval by the board of aldermen. The committee's next meeting is on Monday, July 7.


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