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No parking area extended by city

By Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

The Platte City Board of Aldermen on Tuesday night approved a request by resdident Gary Brown to restrict parking for 60 feet along Carolina Ridge.

The request by Brown is to cover a portion of Carolina Ridge west of Hale Ave.

“Isn't it just an addition at Mr. Brown's request?” asked Andy Stanton, alderman.

“Yes, it will add 60 feet of additional no parking area,” said Keith Moody, city administrator.

Moody said that most requests for no parking areas are for personal reasons, but that the public works department generally supports the requests.

“The less stuff parked on the street, the less public works has to maneuver around,” said Moody. “We generally encourage folks try to gain support from their neighbors.”

“Was it done on this?” asked Tony Paolillo, alderman.

“I don't think that it was,” said Moody. “We did invite folks who live across the street to tonight's meeting.”

The board then approved the request with a vote of 5-1. Paolillo voted against the measure.
Paolillo said he would rather vote for a restriction because of safety reasons.

“My opinion is I don't want the city to be liable in the future,” said Paolillo. “It should be for safety sake, not if they have a fight with a neighbor.”

The new board members were certified and took the oath of office. The new mayor of Platte City is Frank Offutt, who defeated Dave Brooks in the election on April 8. The newly elected aldermen are Tony Paolillo, Debbie Kirkpatrick, and Marsha Clark.


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