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Richardson wins handily in Parkville mayor's race

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

In the Parkville mayoral race on Tuesday, current alderman Gerry Richardson beat candidate Tom Hutsler with a total of 65.3 percent of the votes for Richardson and 34.4 percent for Hutsler.

Richardson received a total of 630 votes cast in his favor to 332 for Hutsler.

Richardson could not be reached by deadline for comment for this story.

“I look forward to working with Gerry, and have always gotten along with him,” said Hutsler, a developer and businessman. “Parkville is a very diverse city and it's a beautiful city to raise a family in. I will continue to serve on the boards and continue to volunteer my time as a servant to the city.”

Richardson will take over for Kathy Dusenbery, current mayor, who will be a Republican candidate for Platte County first district commissioner. Dusenbery will face a primary challenge from Jeffrey Jones in August for the Republican nomination, with the winner advancing to a November general election.

In Ward 3, incumbent alderman Jeffrey Bay beat former alderman Brian Atkinson with 70% in favor of Bay.

Bay received 182 votes, while Atkinson received 78 votes.

That was the only contested alderman race in Parkville.

Running unopposed were Jim Brooks in Ward 1, David McCoy in Ward 2, Gia McFarlane for an unexpired term in Ward 2 and Marc Sportsman in Ward 4.

“I'm happy to have won,” said Bay. “I am honored the residents of Ward 3 Parkville want to give me another term to work for the city of Parkville.”

Voter turnout in the city of Parkville was 33 percent.


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