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Offutt crushes Brooks

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

At Tuesday’s municipal election in Platte City, former mayor Frank Offutt beat incumbent Dave Brooks with 64% of the votes going to Offutt.

“I am humbled by the response of the voters at the poll,” said Offutt. “I will be a servant of the people of Platte City.”

Offutt received 430 votes to 241 for Brooks.

Brooks could not be reached for comment on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

It was the third time Brooks and Offutt have hooked up in a battle for mayor, and the second time Offutt has come out on top. In 1998, Offutt defeated Brooks and Shelle Browning in a three-person race. In 2002, Brooks, at the time an alderman, challenged Offutt for mayor. Brooks won that race with 305 votes to 191.

In the Ward 1 race, Marsha Clark beat Tom Marquis by receiving 63.7 percent of the votes. Clark received 107 votes while Marquis received 59 votes.

Clark, often a supporter of issues pushed by Brooks, could not be reached for comment on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

In the Ward 2 race, Tony Paolillo beat Ron Porter and Mike Walsh by receiving 47 percent of the votes.

Paolillo received 119 votes, Porter received 97 votes, and Walsh received 35 votes.

“I'd like to thank everyone who voted today,” said Paolillo. “I'm excited to begin serving the people of Platte City.”

Paolillo campaigned on a them that n ew leadership was needed and “to stop wasteful spending.”

Porter is a previous alderman who actively pushed for the unsuccessful involuntary annexation a couple of years ago.

In the Ward 3 race, the two candidates were write-ins and the official winner will not be announced by the Platte County Board of Elections until Monday after the write-in ballots are counted and certified. The two announced candidates for the position were Debbie Kirkpatrick and former alderman Jim Palmer.

Palmer was viewed as an ally of Brooks during his time on the board and also supported the involuntary annexation effort.

Voter turnout in Platte City was 22%.

Also on Tuesday, Platte City’s water and sewer bond issue question passed easily, getting 489 yes votes to only 185 opposed.


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