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Your list of candidates for cities, schools

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

The candidates and ballot questions are ready for the Tuesday, April 8 election. Voters will have many choices for city boards and several boards of education in Platte County.

On the ballot will be:

Camden Point:
Mayor: Kevin Boydston
Ward 1: Jane Johnson
Ward 2: Abbie Richardson

Mayor: Frank Downing
Ward 1: Donald Swanstone, Jr.
Ward 2: Cory J. Hott
Question 1: Half percent sales tax for parks

Mayor: James Snook, Jr.
East Ward: Lloyd E. Bressman
West Ward: Marshall Welch

Trustee: (elect 3) Sandra Sienicki, Joe Green, Cheryl Chapman, and Rocky McCardie

Trustee: (elect 3) Donald Myers, Wes Johnston, Tana Marie Garrett, and Timothy Dowell

Houston Lake:
Ward 1: Nicholas C. Jackalone
Ward 2: Evadene Judge and Janet A. Smith

Trustee: (elect 2) Betty J. Crawford, Letrisha M. Case, David L. Anderson, and Angela Anderson

Kansas City:
Question 1: Sales tax of 3/8 percent for buses
Question 2: Fees for short-term loan businesses
Question 3: Smoking ban

Lake Waukomis:
Mayor: Tom Rezentes
Collector: Donna Rhodus
Ward 1: Bob Crosthwait
Ward 2: Shelly Yosel

Ward 1: no filings
Ward 2: Charles Frazier
Ward 3: Mary Edmonds

Mayor: Gerry Richardson and Tom Hutsler
Judge: Sandra P. Ferguson
Ward 1: Jim Brooks
Ward 2: David M. McCoy
Ward 2 (1 year unexpired term): Gia McFarlane
Ward 3: Jeffrey S. Bay and Brian Atkinson
Ward 4: Marc R. Sportsman

Platte City:
Mayor: Frank Offutt and Dave Brooks.
Judge: Gregory Dorsey
Ward 1: Tom Marquis and Marsha Clark
Ward 2: Tony Paolillo, Mike Walsh, and Ron Porter
Ward 3: Jim Palmer and Debbie Kirkpatrick (both are write-in candidates)
Question 1: Revenue bonds for $4.5 million water and sewer improvements

Platte Woods:
Mayor: John C. Smedley
Ward 1: Patrick K. Piper
Ward 2: Michael L. Hazlett
Ward 2 (1 year unexpired term): Thomas L. Knowles and Bill Mundy

Trustee: (elect 2) Lonnie Williams and Karla L. Gant
Trustee: (elect 3) James Denney, Kristine A. Stover, and Mike Fisher

Mayor: Kathy Rose and Leonard Goldammer
Ward 1: Ron Super
Ward 2: Bernie Bruns and Randy D. Jones
Ward 3: Dave Hurt

Mayor: Earl Soetaert, Carol Troutwine, and Bill Van Horn
Ward 3: Bob Foreman and Christy Curry

Mayor: Brenda J. Ferguson
Alderman: Dolores McDonnell, Larry W. Hill, and Bob Kaveler

Weatherby Lake:
Mayor: Alan York and Gerald L. Bos
Judge: Mark K. Green and Beverlee J. Roper
East Ward: Tanya K. Finn and Brian E. Stevenson
West Ward: Steve Clark and Vic DeJong
Question 1: Fee of 10 percent on gas and electricity for charity educational institutions

Ward 1: Cliff Harvey
Ward 2: Amiah McCaulley

North Platte R-1 School District:
Director: (elect 3) Debie Asher, George Hoeffner, Jon C. McLaughlin, Vince Roberts, Cathy Hill, and Bill Matney

Platte County R-3 School District:
Director: (elect 3) Patricia Stinnett, Bill Kephart, Dave Holland, Sharon Sherwood, and Deanna Hon
Question: General obligation bonds for $7.95 million for building


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