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Tomahawke compatibility questioned by airport

by Ivan Foley
Landmark editor

Kansas City’s aviation department at Kansas City International Airport has chimed in with an opinion on the proposed Lake at Tomahawke Ridge development.

Tomahawke Ridge is a proposed 680 home development on about 300 acres located about 4 and a half miles east of Platte City at Hwy. 92 and Winan Road. The property sits in what is known as a rural policy area (normally reservd for 10-acre lots) according to Platte County’s land use plan.

“We do not consider the proposed development to be a compatible use for land near an existing airport,” wrote Philip I. Muncy assistant director of aviation at KCI, in a letter to the Platte County Planning and Zoning Department on March 19.

In addition, the Missouri Department of Transportation has also announced it will demand the developers to be responsible for putting in an eastbound right turn lane at Hwy. 92 and Interurban Road, the first intersection east of Hwy. 92 and Winan.

Earlier, MoDOT--the agency responsible for Hwy. 92--had only indicated it will demand turn lanes installed on Hwy. 92 at the intersection with Winan and at a Hwy. 92 entrance into the proposed development. Turn lanes will be required on both sides of the highway at Winan, Norman Beeman of MoDOT announced at a recent neighborhood meeting.

Beeman sent an email to Platte County officials on March 20 indicating MoDOT now also wants an eastbound right turn lane at Interurban.

Developers of the proposed project, including local realtor Tim Dougherty and majority landowners Hal and Peggy Swaney have addressed comments and concerns by entities. Their application to have the proposal heard by the Platte County Planning and Zoning Commission on April 15 was submitted at around 11:30 a.m. Monday of this week, 30 minutes ahead of a deadline the county had established in order to be heard at the zoning board’s April meeting.

A revised traffic study is still to be submitted. Daniel Erickson, planning and zoning director, said the county has told the developers it needs the revised traffic study “in the near future.”
Erickson said planning and zoning staff will be busy reviewing the latest submission from developers.

“We will look at what they changed. We really haven’t had a chance to open it up just yet,” Erickson told The Landmark Monday afternoon.

Erickson said there is “always the possibility” the issue could be delayed if staff finds concerns. At a Tuesday morning planning and zoning staff meeting with all three county commissioners, Erickson explained there is a 50% chance the Tomahawke proposal will be heard.

“Today we will go through to see what they changed. If we (staff) need to comment on it, it could delay things,” Erickson said. “If it does get delayed we will get the word out. Obviously a lot of people are interested in this application.”

As for the KCI Aviation Department concerns, the aviation officials told the county “the developer should be advised that he will have to submit appropriate document to the Federal Aviation Administration for their determination of proposed vertical construction in the airspace surrounding an airport.”

Tomahawke Ridge is proposed in an area where the KCI height zoning restrictions apply. No structure in this area should be constructed which exceeds these restrictions.

Height of structures is not expected to be a major concern for developers. But the aviation department also warned that Tomahawke is proposed “in an area that will be exposed to loud single event and cumulative aircraft noise levels.”

“This area is inside the 60 DNL (decibel noise level) noise contour,” Muncy wrote. “The land area of the proposed development is located directly in line with our East Runway System. This property is subject to over flights by aircraft using KCI Airport and as a result residents may experience inconvenience, annoyance or discomfort arising from the noise of such operations.”

In addition, Muncy said the aviation department recommends that the county enter into an agreement for noise disclosure with the developer.

“We note that this provision is indeed contained in your Platte County Subdivision Regulations. Also, as included in your Subdivision Regulations, we recommend that Platte County require an aviation easement from the developer,” Muncy wrote.

He then pointed out: “Regardless of the modeled noise levels predicted to be experienced at the location of the proposed development, the extended centerline of Runway 19L-1R passes through the proposed development.”

Many residents in the area of the proposed development have been meeting at least twice a month to organize their opposition. Their next meeting is set for this Thursday night, 7 p.m. at the Hoover Christian Church.

Opponents have said the high density development would bring further traffic hazards to that stretch of Hwy. 92, which they say is already too narrow, too hilly and has a lack of proper sight lines for motorists. They also maintain the proposal does not fit the rural character of the area and they point out the proposal does not comply with the county’s land use plan.


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