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More than 60% never attended HOG rally

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

The Platte City Board of Aldermen heard the results of the city's citizen survey from 2008 by the ETC Institute last Tuesday, March 25. The survey listed responses from satisfaction to city service to what type of developments residents would like to see in Platte City.

The brief presentation listed the results and percentages of some questions, however, documents provided to city officials and representatives provided further detail about some residents' responses.

In the document obtained by The Landmark, some responses with further information from the survey dealt with the city's End of the Trail festival (Harley Owners Group--HOG--Rally).

The standard information provided during the presentation listed the percent of residents who had participated in the festival in the past two years and whether the city should continue to support local festivals.

Of the residents surveyed, 61 percent said they have not participated in the festival, but 62 percent of people agreed the city should continue to support festivals in the city.

Another question asked, “In 2007, the City of Platte City spent $18,000 (or almost $3.50 per resident) to support the End of the Trail festival. Do you generally think this was a good use of your city taxes?”

Only 48.1 percent said festival was a good use of their money, 37.9 percent said that it was not a good use of money, and 14 percent said they did not know.

The next question was for those who answered no to the first question. This question asked, “How much per resident do you think the City should spend?”

Of the 152 people who said it was not a good use of city taxes, 90 people or 59.2 percent said the city should spend $0. The next largest group of people was 20 or 13.2 percent who said the city should spend $1. Only 14 people said the city should spend $2.

Another question asked what city residents would recommend to change to the festival to make them more likely to attend.

The survey taker received 107 responses from people. Responses ranged from increasing advertising and publicity of the event to making it more family friendly and limiting the available alcohol.

Some of the responses include, “eliminate the drunken festival,” “have better vendor and band,” “less alcohol/more family fun,” “more handicap accessibility,” “need diversity in festivals,” “no alcohol at festival totally,” “not my cup of tea,” “regular festival instead,” and a request for the HOG rally “to go to another town.”

In January the board approved a request by PrimeFlight Aviations to host the 6th annual End of the Trail rally in 2008 to benefit the charity Boys Hope/Girls Hope.

According to the website of Boys Hope/Girls Hope website the rally will be held on September 5-7, 2008.

Representatives from the two groups have previously stated they will ask for no funding from the city to pay for expenses. The groups have also said they are trying to get some large bands to play in Platte City as well as larger sponsors.

Another question asked was whether the resident has internet access at home. Of the 401 people surveyed, 328 or 81.8 percent have internet access in Platte City.


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