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Police rate high; low on communication

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Platte City's Board of Aldermen received the results from the 2008 citizen survey during their meeting on Tuesday night.

The results of the survey offer government officials a glimpse at what the citizens of Platte City think of the city.

Platte City residents are overall satisfied with the quality of police services at 85 percent, up from 2006 with 75 percent satisfied. Citizens are also satisfied with the quality of city water, sewer, or trash utilities with 81 percent. In 2006, the percentage was 75 satisfied.

Residents were the least satisfied with the city's effectiveness of communication with only 58 percent satisfied, which is up from 2006 at a percentage of 57. The next least satisfied area was in the maintenance of city streets, buildings or facilities. The percent satisfied was 62, down from 2006 with 64 percent satisfied.

The survey also asked residents how satisfied they are with the city's parks and recreation.
Residents were the most satisfied with the maintenance of city parks with 62 percent satisfied, which was down from 2006 with 69 percent satisfied.

The least satisfied area was in regards to the city swimming pool. Only 40 percent of residents are satisfied with the pool, with 38 percent dissatisfied with the pool. In 2006, 39 percent of residents were satisfied with the pool.

The largest increase was in the area of walking and biking trails in the city. The percent of satisfied residents jumped from 17 in 2000 to 36 in 2006 and 50 in 2008.

The largest decrease was in the area of the city's youth athletic programs. Satisfaction dropped by 9 percent from 63 in 2006 to 54 percent satisfied in 2008.

A major question on the survey asked residents whether they think involuntary annexation is important to Platte City. In 2006, 73 percent of citizens thought it was important and in 2008, only 54 percent said it was important.

Another question asked residents, “Do you believe Platte City should allow private commercial garbage pickup if it would provide lower rates to commercial customers, but higher rates for residential customers?”

According to the results, 75 percent of residents said “no,” while 14 percent said “yes” and 11 percent said they don't know.

One of the questions on the survey asked citizens whether they have participated in the city's End of the Trail festival during the past two years. Only 36 percent of those certified responded they had participated. Of those surveyed, 62 percent said they supported the city providing financial support to local festivals.

Residents were also asked the reasons they moved to Platte City. The top four reasons for residents to move to Platte City were, the affordability of the community, the low crime rate, the appearance and overall beauty of the city, and the quality of education opportunities available.

The survey asked residents which products they almost never purchase in the city and which services they would like to see expanded in Platte City.

The top product purchased elsewhere was furniture with 72 percent buying it somewhere else. That was followed by sporting goods with 69 percent buying elsewhere.

The items least purchased in other places were fast food and groceries/household goods, both with only 6 percent of residents buying them elsewhere.

The top retail services wanted by residents were clothing with 35 percent saying it was their first or second choice and groceries/household goods with 30 percent. The least wanted services were fast food and automobiles.


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