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Plan for offices okayed at Parkville

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Plans for the Fairways office buildings were approved by the Parkville Board of Aldermen on Tuesday night. During the meeting, the aldermen voluntarily annexed the property, rezoned the property, and approved the plats and final development plans for the site.

The property is located just north of the intersection of Crooked Road and 45 Highway and will include single story office buildings and a parking lot. According to Sean Ackerson, community development director, the developer has worked with the city and local residents to minimize the impact of the buildings.

“The developer met with abutting property owners and discussed the project,” said Ackerson. “The buildings will sit lower than the residences so they'll only see part of the roof.”

The plan also includes a dense landscape screen to block view of the building and the parking lot lights will point directly down to minimize light pollution to local residences.

The two buildings are planned to be built in stages with the second building only started after the first has mostly filled up with tenants.

One condition of the approval is the developer will also make improvements to the intersection of 45 Highway and Crooked Road. The developer will add turn lanes on Crooked Road to help ease traffic congestion during peak hours.

The board also approved the rezoning of the former Parkville City Hall from Parkland and Conservation District to R-4 Multiple-Family Residential District. The rezoning will allow the Platte County Health Department to use the facility as the new health clinic in southern Platte County.

The current health clinic in Riverside will move to Parkville after renovations at the former city hall are completed. Renovation is expected to be completed by the end of 2008.

Parkville approved a bid by JMar Underground to install rock along the banks of the White Alloe Creek in English Landing Park after a portion was eroded away during the 2007 flood. The bid for $8,564 will be paid using a grant from FEMA of $12,640.68 for the project. According to Dan Koch, special projects manager, the city hopes work will begin within three weeks if the ground drys up.

Parkville also approved a settlement with Sprint paying the city $44,643.50. The settlement stems from a class action lawsuit filed against the major wireless phone providers alleging the need for business licenses to operate within city limits.


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