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Local man arrested
Sex crime victims urged to come forward

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

A Platte City man has been arrested and charged with possessing child pornography and deviate sexual assault.

Robin S. Roggenbuck, 55, is accused of the crimes after a victim spoke with Platte City police officers on Feb. 11 and 13. Platte City and Platte County authorities are searching for more possible victims of Roggenbuck.

The charges stem from allegations Roggenbuck would have several young males over to his apartment and would “have his way” with them. Roggenbuck also allegedly had a collection of pornographic images on his computer with children and young males approximately 10 years old.

The Platte City police and the Platte County prosecutor are trying to locate more victims Roggenbuck may have sexually assaulted.

“We believe this defendant may have sexually assaulted other boys who have not yet reported the abuse,” said Eric Zahnd, Platte County prosecutor. “We are asking parents whose children may have been victimized by Roggenbuck to contact police.”

Platte City Police Chief Richard Sayles said authorities have recovered many photos from Roggenbuck's computer, but the police are not sure who the young boys may be.

Anyone with information about possible victims is asked to call the Platte City Police Department at 816-858-5150.

The allegations arose after a 17- year-old male reported the alleged sexual assault to the Synergy Youth Home in Parkville. The victim said he had been homeless and living with Roggenbuck since about November of 2007.

The victim also reported there are other victims who are all young boys or teenage boys and were given alcohol to keep them at the apartment. The victim told officers he was shown pornographic images of young children from Roggenbuck's computer.

A search warrant was executed on Wednesday, Feb. 13, and a computer was retrieved from Roggenbuck's apartment. The Platte County Sheriff's Department's Cyber Crimes Task Force scanned the hard drives, allegedly finding numerous pornographic images of male children.

Roggenbuck was arrested on Thursday, Feb. 14 at his home at 400 Studio Drive in Platte City and is being held on a cash-only $30,000 bond. The bond also has a special condition requiring Roggenbuck to not have any contact with anyone under 18 years old.

According to the Platte County Sheriff's Registered Offender database, Roggenbuck is a registered sex offender from a previous conviction for statutory rape in the third degree and child molestation from the State of Washington. Roggenbuck completed a 10 month sex offender treatment program in Washington while in custody. A discharge summary form from the Twin Rivers Treatment Program at the Monroe County Correctional Facility says Roggenbuck's likelihood of recommitting sexual offenses is considered “high.”

The database also shows Roggenbuck worked at the Pizza Hut in Platte City where he delivered pizzas, as well as the Sam's Club at 135th Street in Overland Park, Kan.

If convicted of deviate sexual assault, Roggenbuck may face up to seven years in prison and may face four years in prison if convicted of possessing child pornography.

The Platte City Police Department is investigating the crimes with the assistance of the Platte County Sheriff's Cyber Crimes Task Force.


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