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Residents give input
Roads, traffic flow top survey concerns

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Platte County's Platte Profile survey results were released on Tuesday, Feb. 5. The results of the survey are packaged in several documents on the website

The survey measured resident's rating the county as a place to live and a place to raise children.

For a place to live 91 percent of Platte County residents rated the county as excellent or a good place to live compared with the national average of 84 percent.

In the category of quality of place to raise children, 90 percent of residents rated Platte County as excellent or good, compared with a national average of 71 percent.

Residents rated a feeling of safety, the quality of public schools, and types of housing as the most important reasons to live in Platte County. Least important reasons are employment opportunities, a sense of community, and the affordability of shopping/merchandise.

Another portion of the survey measured resident's views of the quality and openness of the county government.

The majority of residents rated being most satisfied with the county's quality of services provided, quality of customer service from county employees, and the value residents receive from their tax dollars.

The least satisfying areas for the majority of residents were the effectiveness of county communication, how open the county is to public involvement, and the county's efforts to keep residents informed.

A majority of residents rated roads and bridges with traffic flow as the most important county services to them and also rated them as being the least satisfied with.

One portion of the survey dealt with residents' feelings about economic development in the county.

The items rated by residents as the highest priority include promoting higher paying employment opportunities, networking tourism efforts with the Kansas City region, and considering the sustainability of the environment in all economic decisions.

Rated the lowest priority for residents of the county were: needing more residential development, more large retail stores, and more industrial development.

Residents were asked whether they think the county should encourage more affordable housing to be built in the county.

Of those people surveyed, 26 percent said they disagree with encouraging more affordable housing. Only 14 percent strongly agree with having more affordable housing. Another 33 percent agree with having more affordable housing and 26 percent were neutral on the issue.
For those surveyed, the safety improvement of county roads and bridges in unincorporated areas was rated as highly important with 38 percent strongly agreeing and 47 percent agreeing. Only 2 percent of people disagreed with the safety improvements.

Light rail transportation ranked lowest with 35 percent of people strongly agreeing it is important and 20 percent disagreed with light rail.

Forty percent of residents strongly agree with requiring developers to hold an independent neighborhood meeting before an application is submitted.

Many residents also think the county should update the Land Use Plan. Thirty-four percent strongly agree with the update and 42 percent simply agree.

The majority of residents agree with maintaining the limit of 10 acre lot sizes to preserve rural areas. Of those surveyed, 24 percent strongly agree and 38 percent agree; only 13 percent disagreed with the limit.

Some residents are also interested in studying the consolidation of utility, maintenance and fire services to possibly reduce cost and increase efficiency. Very supportive accounts for 34 percent of residents, another 42 percent are supportive and 8 percent are not supportive.

The survey also asked what the best way of reaching residents was, allowing them to choose multiple options. The most popular option was brochures with 45 percent, followed closely by local newspapers with 43 percent, 35 percent of people preferred brochures, and 27 percent preferred email.



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