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Park board fails to muster quorum
Vote on Platte Ridge deal delayed

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

An agreement between Platte City and Platte County for the use of Platte Ridge Park will have to wait to be approved after the Platte City Parks Board could not hold a meeting on Monday night.

The board did not have a quorum in order to hold the meeting and vote on the proposed agreement. Only four of the board's six members showed up for the meeting. The board has nine seats and requires five members be present to hold a meeting. Three of the seats are currently not filled.

Members Valerie Greenough, Jason Tinder, Jerry Keuhn, and John Kurtz were present for the meeting. Ron Porter and Joe Searcy were not in attendance.

The board decided it would be best to try to reschedule the meeting later in the week. They decided to attempt to hold the meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 6 at 5 p.m.

However, Tinder said he may not be able to attend the meeting on Wednesday.

Despite not being able to hold a meeting, the board did discuss the proposed agreement and express some concerns.

“Did we have our attorney look at this?” asked Keuhn.

“No, even the board of aldermen won't look at this agreement,” said Dannie Stamper, parks director.

Another concern has to do with specific wording issues in the contract. Specifically, a section about marketing for the baseball/softball program, which is slightly vague and does not state who determines what “utilized as practical” means.

“I still don't like the language about marketing,” said Keuhn. “Who decides what is practical for us?”

Since the board's last meeting several changes have been made to the proposed agreement. One of the major changes is that the city will not have to pay anything to the county for maintenance or use of the park.

“In consideration for capital improvements previously made by board at the baseball/softball complex, the Board shall compensate the County zero dollars and no cents for use of the facilities at Platte Ridge Park,” according to the agreement.

Another change is the sharing of maintenance duties at the park.

Platte County is claiming responsibility for weekly mowing, infield material preparation, and the utilities.

Platte City will be responsible for providing supplies for the baseball/softball program, including bases, infield line chalking, bats, balls, and uniforms.

Concessions at the park will be handled by the county through a bid by an outside concession operator.

Another discussion point on the agenda for Monday was about the baseball/softball fees.
At the board's last meeting, fees were raised to $75 from $65. According to Stamper, there is some interest in cutting back the increase to only $5 instead of $10.


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