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Could become mini-series
Area zoning controversies on the horizon

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

The Platte County Planning and Zoning Commission meeting for March is expected to be busy--and crowded.

So busy, in fact, county officials are considering meeting on two different nights to hear discussion about three potentially controversial proposals.

According to Daniel Erickson, director of planning and zoning, there are three proposals that possibly could go before the commission in March. The proposals include the Beverly Plaza near Weston, Brentwood Park near Weatherby Lake, and Lake at Tomahawke Ridge east of Platte City.

As of Tuesday evening, no applications had been received by the planning and zoning department; however the deadline is Wednesday at 5 p.m. In order for the issues to be heard at the March 11 planning and zoning commission meeting.

The Beverly Plaza is proposed to be built near the intersection of 92 and 45 Highways at Beverly, just south of Weston. The proposal by Dudley Alexander has been presented before the commission previously and tabled.

The proposal is to divide a property north of the intersection into five lots for development in an area zoned Highway Commercial.

The city of Weston protested the development at its meeting in Aug. 2007 and passed a resolution in Nov. 2007 formally sending their complaints to the planning and zoning commission.

Weston objects to the project, saying it does not conform to the city's Weston Overlay District Ordinance or Weston Future Land Use Map. The proposal is also not in compliance with the county's Land Use Master Plan; however the property is already properly zoned for the development.

The city is asking the county to respect the overlay district to protect the look of the corridor into Weston.

Another proposed development possibly on the agenda is Brentwood Park by Jim Owens. The development would consist of 115 single family lots east of Weatherby Lake.

The residential subdivision is expected to be on the agenda after the developer submits his application.

The last proposal is expected to be from developer Tim Dougherty for The Lake at Tomahawke Ridge. The development is proposed to be east of Platte City at the intersection of Highway 92 and Winan Road. The proposal calls for 680 homes to be placed on 156.38 acres of the 319.42 acre property.

As exclusively reported in The Landmark, some residents have already expressed concerns about the development after a public meeting was held at the Platte County Administration Building. More than 60 concerned residents appeared at that meeting despite less than a week’s notice.

Concerns expressed thus far about the Tomahawke Ridge proposal include the impact on traffic along what some folks see as an already dangerous portion of 92 Highway and the fact the proposal would conflict with the county Land Use Master Plan for that area.

The land is currently zoned for Residential Multiple Dwelling, RMD, and the developer is requesting an overlay known as planned unit development, PUD, which would allow for flexibility in lot widths and setbacks.

If all three applications are received by the deadline of 5 p.m. Wednesday the March meetingof the planning and zoning commission could be split and held on Tuesday, March. 11 and another a week later on March 18.




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