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Hammond's future could be decided Feb. 5

by Stacy Wiedmaier
Landmark reporter

The job status of Parkville administrative assistant Deb Hammond continues to be questioned, with reports this week she is on paid administrative leave pending completion of an investigation into alleged falsified time sheets.

As reported by The Landmark last week, Hammond has not punched her time card at city hall since these allegations have begun to be investigated by an Overland Park Human Resources consultant. The board of aldermen hired the firm in a closed session held the same day as their last regular monthly meeting Tuesday, Jan. 15.

Last Friday, The Landmark made its second Missouri Sunshine Request to City Clerk Claudia Willhite requesting all meeting minutes from the three closed sessions held Jan. 15. A budget item listing the cost of hiring the investigator was also requested.

Two weeks ago when the allegations surfaced, Hammond was contacted by phone. She replied she was “on vacation,” with no further comment.

The dollar amount and how many hours that were allegedly falsified on her time sheet are still in question. Hammond has been seen on the city's premises in recent days with an attorney accompanying her.

Parkville City Administrator Joe Turner did not return calls by press time and Mayor Kathy Dusenbery said the issue will be addressed during a closed session next Tuesday, Feb. 5.

“Sure, it will be on the next agenda,” Dusenbery said. “I know this issue will be resolved shortly. Only the board can make a collective decision. Believe me, you'll be the first to hear if any type of vote is taken.”



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