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Replacement search begins

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

The search is on for a new city administrator of Platte City. The Board of Aldermen on Tuesday held a special meeting to discuss the issue of advertising the position and ratify an addendum to an employment agreement which was created on Friday.

The aldermen began discussing the addendum first and immediately some aldermen had questions about the agreement.

“There's no writing in here for legal ramifications, i.e. Mr. Moody suing the city,” said Andy Stanton, alderman. “Should we look into that, is it something we need to put in there? I'm thinking more about a wrongful termination lawsuit being brought up.”

“I think it is probably not a bad idea,” said Aaron Jung, board president.

However, the city clerk pointed out the addendum was already approved on Friday, and the aldermen were only approving an ordinance to ratify the addendum.

“The addendum is already in place, if you want to change it you'll have to start over,” said Amy Hubbard, city clerk.

“I am just posing the question,” said Stanton. “It's bad enough to have to pay him for 6 months, but to face a lawsuit as well.”

Stanton pointed out that the entire process would not have to start over, only a process of adding a clause to protect against a lawsuit.

“I see what Andy is saying, certainly stranger things have happened,” said Kenneth Brown, alderman.

The idea was then brought up to contact the city's attorney to find out if the language is needed in the addendum.

“We should contact at least Keith Hicklin (city attorney), maybe someone else,” said Stanton.

The board then decided to postpone approval of the ordinance until Tuesday, Feb. 12.

The board also approved an amount of money of $2,500 to start advertising the position in local newspapers and the Kansas City Star, among other places. The board also discussed using a recruitment firm to find a new city administrator.

“There are a couple of different processes we can go through, a recruiter or just advertise locally,” said Jung. “The recruiter is more expensive, but it may speed up the process.”

The board was provided with a sample recruitment letter which could be sent out to firms to request rate information.

“The first step is to get out a submittal letter to the recruiters,” said Todd Sloan, alderman. “We can at least get this out soon, and start local advertising immediately. We can advertise in The Star, the two local papers,, and The Missouri Municipal League might let us advertise on their website as well. I guess about $2,500 would give us a buffer for advertising.”

The board also discussed the method for interviewing any potential candidates.

“I think we should each pick five to seven people in the community to be part of a panel and let them have a say in the process,” said Jung.

“I concur. The candidates should also have an interview with the department heads and certainly with a citizen group,” said Sloan.

“Time is of the essence here,” said Jung. “We should think of everyone you know who is objective and has been familiar with the hiring process for the panel. We can each pick three people and submit them to Amy for the community panel for interviews.”

The board then decided applications for the position should be in by a deadline of Friday, Feb. 29, but could be extended if few applications are received. Interviews would be conducted after the date by the board of aldermen and a citizen panel.



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