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New downtown bridge planned at Parkville

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Highway 9 will receive a new bridge in downtown Parkville after the Missouri Department of Transportation, MoDOT, announced plans to replace the aging bridge in the summer of 2009.

During a Board of Aldermen work session the city announced MoDOT committed $200,000 for the project and Parkville will be required to pay for the remainder of the project.

The original project includes replacing the current bridge and adding sidewalks to either side of the bridge. This would cost the city around $186,000 for the project, however the cost could increase with additional improvements to the bridge.

In order to construct the bridge both lanes of Highway 9 will have to be closed for a three month period. However, at least one lane of traffic might be able to stay open if a concrete box culvert under the roadway is widened.

In order to widen the culvert the city would have to pay an extra $5,000 for each foot. The expanded culvert could also allow for a third lane over the White Alloe Creek.

The total cost to the city for the expanded project would be around $425,000, almost doubling Parkville's contribution. Part of the project will include expanding the roadway to three lanes to the Park University entrance from the bridge.

The board did not make a decision at the work session, but did approve a letter of support to MoDOT on Tuesday.

An option for the city is to received a loan from MoDOT for the cost which can be paid back over five years. The city also plans to seek grant funding in addition to the loans to pay for a $225,000 portion of the city's obligation.

Parkville's Board of Aldermen approved a resolution to authorize the mayor to send a letter to MoDOT to show support for the project and commit the city's funding for it.

The city will hold a public forum to receive feedback from residents about the proposal in the future.


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