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KC will share TIF info with Platte County

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

The Platte County Commission approved an agreement with the City of Kansas City, Mo. on Monday morning to allow the county and city to share information about TIF tax receipts.

According to Bonnie Brown, county treasurer, the agreement was brought to the county by Kansas City. With the agreement the city will share tax information it receives from the state relating to TIF payments and the county agrees to keep the information confidential.

“We will still do what we're doing now for payments,” said Brown to the commission. “I think the agreement will help us in the future to find any discrepancies.”

Brown told the commission that the state sends out TIF information to Platte County which does not include specific information about Kansas City's TIF developments. The county collects the taxes and then must send the money collected from the TIF area to the city, based on numbers provided by the state.

The state also provides Kansas City with numbers on tax revenue, which do not include information about the county's tax revenue.

“We're curious what info they give us that they base TIF payments on,” said Brown. “But, I still trust our information over theirs.”

The only requirement on the county in the agreement is to keep the information confidential and not leak the tax information.

Platte County is not the only county in the area entering into an agreement with Kansas City.
“They are not doing this with only Platte County,” said Betty Knight, presiding commissioner.

Brown said the county's counselor Bob Shaw had looked over the agreement and approved it. The commission then voted to approve the agreement.

The commission also approved a lease/purchase agreement for a water truck for the county's public works department. The agreement is between Platte Valley Bank and the county to purchase a water truck.


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