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Change in code will allow massage therapy at YMCA

by Dave Kinnamon
Landmark assistant editor

The Platte City board of aldermen made several votes on Tuesday evening to protect the image they wish the city to convey.

Under consideration by the aldermen was a new ordinance to amend the Platte City code by adding definitions of “massage therapy” and “massage therapists.”

The new ordinance will allow massage therapy at any Platte City “health facility,” which is now defined as “any business where physical exercise, health management, medicine or health-related services are performed.”

“This request came about because of a person wanting to do massage therapy out at the YMCA,” explained city administrator Keith Moody. “We had earlier written in the city code to allow massage therapy at physical therapy businesses and chiropractors’ offices.

“This request seems like a reasonable co-existence. It just hasn’t been addressed in the city code.”

The aldermen voted 6-0 to include the new definitions of “health facility” in the city code.

Further, they have added a clause that defines massage therapy as a “method of treating the body for remedial, healing, therapeutic or hygienic purposes.”

Massage therapists, according to the new additions to the city code, must be licensed by the State of Missouri Board of Therapeutic Massage.

After the Pledge of Allegiance, mayor Dave Brooks convened, in rapid succession, two mandatory public hearings to hear potential public comment about four measures to be voted on during the meeting:

A conditional use permit, a revision to the city’s outdoor advertising sign regulation, the massage therapy additions, and a revision to the Platte City zoning code regarding cosmetic tattooing and body piercing and also body tattooing.
Jessica A. Davis, a Platte City resident, filed an application for conditional use on Sept. 9 of this year to enable herself to perform cosmetic tattooing (“permanent make-up” without the use of a “tattoo machine”) at the Dejavu Salon and Day Spa, 624 Third St.

The aldermen approved Davis’ conditional use permit for permanent make-up at the Dejavu Salon by a 6-0 vote.

Alderman Aaron Jung asked Moody if Davis would have to re-apply if she changed locations.

“This is a site-specific permit, so yes, she would have to re-apply,” Moody said.

The aldermen also voted 6-0 to approve an ordinance amending the city code to add new definitions and code sections regarding tattoo parlors, cosmetic tattooing and body piercing.

Some of the additions specify that cosmetic tattooing and body piercing business cannot be operated in conjunction with an adult bookstore, adult entertainment facility, bathhouse, massage shop, nude modeling studio or tattoo parlor.

“Should the city allow tattoo parlors as a stand-alone business?” Moody asked the aldermen hypothetically.

After the meeting, Moody stopped short of answering his own question with a definitive yes, but he said previous boards of aldermen appeared to want to restrict tattoo parlors.

Prior to his taking over the helm of city manager 11 years ago, Moody said that a previous board of alderman voted an Adult Entertainment Overlay District onto the commercial section of the city.

The Adult Entertainment Overlay fell on McDonald’s and QuikTrip.

“They seemed to have been doing this with a purpose in mind. If you have adult entertainment district, then someone cannot slip one in by claiming you don’t address the issue,” Moody said.

“The planning and zoning board want cosmetic tattooing and body piercing addressed in the adult entertainment overlay,” Moody said.

The aldermen voted 6-0 to accept the proposed amendments, which do not allow tattoo parlors as stand-alone businesses or as conditional uses except within the adult entertainment overlay. Same goes for body piercing.
Dave Brooks summed up the aldermen’s will regarding the city’s image and how it is conveyed by commercial signs.

N to city code to allow a Platte City resident to have a third cats), in exchange for not having any cats. The man emphasized that his dogs are all Scottish Terriers, small dogs, and are strictly indoor dogs. The man and his family desire to adopt a third terrier.

“I appreciate you going through the procedures here and not just getting the third dog,” alderman Bill Knighton said.

Knighton emphasized that the board will consider requests, like the man’s asking to be allowed a third dog, on a “case-by-case basis.”

• In response to a change in state law (raising the state’s water connection fee), the aldermen approved an amendment to the city code to reflect the updated rates. The tax is called the “Missouri Drinking Water Primacy Fee,” and its stated purpose is to ensure safe drinking water for people in Missouri.

The fee for residences will go up to $3, for connections 2-inches or greater, the fee will range from $7.44 to $82.44 per connection with a cap at $700 for multiple connection facilities.