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New organization
being formed at
North Platte

A group of residents of the North Platte School District are forming a new organization called Partners for Education. The group’s goals are to enhance and encourage communications between the community and the North Platte School Board for the betterment of students in the district.

Issues that affect students in the district will be the topics for discussion. The group hopes to build positive bridges by assisting and providing information, suggestions and possible solutions that will benefit the students and provide assistance to the board, if needed. It is hoped this will help in understanding the workings of the North Platte School Board and to enhance communications between the school board and the residents in the district.

The first official meeting will be at the North Platte High School on Thursday, Aug. 3 beginning at 7:30 p.m. Meetings will be held regularly on the first Thursday of each month. All North Platte community members are invited to participate.

This group encourages all school issues to go through their proper channels. The group is designed to be a communication tool to assist with community input.

For more information, contact Jon McLaughlin at 816-223-7874.



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