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Vandals cause
$35,000 in damage
at West Platte

by Dave Kinnamon
Landmark reporter

Vandals broke into the West Platte High School in Weston early Saturday morning and did significant damage to various high-value equipment and to the inside of the school generally, as well as to the football stadium.

West Platte High School is located at 1125 Washington St. in Weston.

A total dollar amount of damage is still being worked up by the school’s insurance adjustor and police officials but it appears that the damage will be $35,000 or less, according to West Platte Superintendent Kyle B. Stephenson. The school’s deductible will be $1,000, he said.

Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc. of St. Louis is the property/casualty third-party administrator for Weston, which self-insures its property through a state collective fund called MUSIC.

Weston police do not have any suspects in the crime as of Monday, said Terry Blanton, police chief.

“Basically a person or persons, early in the morning on Saturday, broke into the high school, they broke out glass windows, broke out the glass from and wrecked the trophy cases, and trashed and destroyed the principal’s office,” Blanton said.

The vandals confined most of their criminal acts of destruction to the central area of the building, he said.

However, the vandals ran down hallways, spraying fire extinguishers and damaging school property along the way, he said.

Additionally, the vandals “trashed the school secretary’s office, wrecked a photocopier, destroyed multiple computers monitors and computers, did major damage to walls and commons areas and expended all the fire extinguishers in the main part of the building,” Blanton said.

The vandals also turned over all the soda machines, damaged the food vending machines and destroyed a large color TV set.

Though there were no definite suspects as of Monday night, but the chief said his staff had several interviews planned for this week.

Stephenson was awakened at home early Saturday morning. He spent all morning over at the school and then went back later in the day.

Stephenson had to call three custodians in to help get organized and begin damage assessment.

“The vandals did $3,000 worth of damage to the school’s roof. One of the things we had to do was place buckets over the holes in the roof so water won’t leak into the building when it rains,” Stephenson said.

Stephenson noted that the vandals also shattered the glass in the press box at the football field, beat on air conditioning units, busted off vents and destroyed flower pots at the football field.

“It’s unfortunate, but we just have to get it cleaned up and fixed and get ‘er done,” Stephenson said.



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