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Brooks outlines personal 'to do' list for third term

by Dave Kinnamon
Landmark reporter


No, we’re not talking about the Ford Motor Corporation here.

“Quality” is the buzzword that defines Platte City Mayor Dave Brooks’s vision of Platte City development and improvement, the mayor said.

Elected earlier this month to his third term, Brooks said he is proud of what he accomplished in his first four years as mayor but has great plans for the next two years.

“I need to thank the citizens of Platte City again for their confidence and support in electing me for a third term. The past four years of deeds and accomplishments speak for themselves,” Brooks said.

On the plate for the next two years are some ambitious projects.

Brooks plans to see the tax increment financed (TIF) project known as Shoppes at North Gate get rolling--and get finished--at I-29 and Main Street. He’s also looking forward to the Heartland Health medical clinic opening on Running Horse Road.

Brooks also said a big project he will be involved in is a city “pocket park” at the extreme west end of Main Street next to the Platte River. Brooks was instrumental in getting some land donations and grant money to get that park project started, he said. He also noted that the area used to be a city dump.

"We’re going to build a city park where a dump used to be,” Brooks said, not unmindful of the symbolism of transforming what was once not into something really attractive.

Brooks noted that the TIF project is projected to bring in 75-125 new jobs to Platte City. The project is estimated to cost $17.6 million and will be located on 7.5 acres.

The mayor is also pleased at the progress of the city’s capital improvements plan, passed with a bond issue about eight years ago. About 52 percent of the city’s streets currently have been improved from the plan. Brooks said that 95 percent of the city streets will be improved by the time the bond expires in four years.

Brooks is also very happy about Platte City’s draw to new business interests.

“We’re proud of that. We’re consistently working on bringing new businesses to town,” Brooks said.