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Michael Gunn granted continuance in assault case

by Ivan Foley
Landmark editor

A former Platte County counselor who once publicly entertained thoughts of running for county auditor has been granted a continuance in the case against him in Kansas City Municipal Court.

R. Michael Gunn, 60, asked for and was granted time for his legal counsel to do discovery on the charges of assault and resisting a police officer. The continuance was granted on Monday, and a new court date has been set for May 15. Gunn is being represented by John O'Connor.

Gunn was arrested on Thursday, Dec. 1 at his office at Gunn, Shank & Stover, Kansas City in Platte County. He is accused of assaulting a female process server who was attempting to serve him papers in a civil case. Gunn is also charged with resisting police who were called to the scene.

Also arrested during the incident was fellow attorney Philip O. Willoughby, Jr., 44, who allegedly attempted to intervene by trying to place his body between Gunn and the police officer. The police officer said Willoughby "repeatedly threatened to sue me" and was waving his arms in the air.

Gunn, who for several years served as Platte County's legal counsel on planning and zoning issues, was sprayed with mace three times during the course of the arrest, according to the police report. The report indicates the arrest was captured on the patrol vehicle's video/audio system.

Willoughby faces a municipal charge of obstructing an officer. He is being represented by Roger Potter. Willoughby's case has also been continued until May 15.

Gunn posted $500 bond on each of his charges and Willoughby posted $500 bond on his charge. Each charge carries a maximum penalty of $500 fine and 180 days in jail, said Lowell Gard, assistant city prosecutor for Kansas City.

Gard said he fully expects all parties to be ready by the May 15 court date.

"That should give them enough time to complete discovery and be ready for a trial," Gard told The Landmark this week.


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