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Doescher staying in race for mayor

by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

First she was in. Then she was out. Now she is back in.

Melody Doescher, 50, officially announced on Monday morning that she would no longer pursue the mayor’s seat in the April election. Then she called The Landmark just prior to deadline Wednesday and said she has changed her mind and will stay in the race.

“We’ve recently gotten news that my husband may be transferred within the next year,” said Doescher on Monday. “So if I were to have been elected I didn’t want to leave the city without leadership.”

But by Wednesday her message was different. She said the possibility of her husband being transferred was not as strong as previously believed and she was determined “not to be forced out of the race.”

Doescher and her husband, Ray, have resided in Platte City for the last six years. During that time she served one term as an alderman for the City of Platte City.

Platte City Mayor Dave Brooks is pursuing his third term in office. He still faces active opposition from Kevin Robinson and Michael Walsh.

See next week's issue of The Landmark for a detailed preview on the mayor's race.


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