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Development at I-435 to boost Parkville
Future growth seen at I-435/Hwy. 45 intersection

by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

A promise of potential revenue for the City of Parkville is in the initial stages of discussion.

City officials have begun to take an early initiative to discuss the future development of the I-435 and 45 Hwy. interchange west of Parkville. It's a development that would include a mix of commercial, industrial and high density residential.

The interchange, which involves approximately 250 acres, encompasses the northwest, southwest and southeast corners of the I-435 and Hwy. 45 interchange. The area, owned by Vertical Ventures II Development, has prompted the Parkville Board of Aldermen to contract work with the city’s engineering firm, Shafer, Kline & Warren, after the development team had indicated plans for a project along the I-435 corridor.

At the city’s Jan. 17 board meeting, city officials took action to have the firm establish new zoning codes for that area of land following Vertical Ventures request to change certain zoning codes.

According to Sean Ackerson, director of community development for Parkville, Vertical Ventures is interested in the development of a business park that does not meet the criteria set forth by the city’s current commercial or industrial codes.

Under Parkville’s commercial zoning, the code would not allow the light industrial part of the development and the current industrial zoning regulations have no quality control.

With the hiring of the engineering team and the annexation of 3.5 square miles of land along I-435 in 2001, officials have taken their biggest step yet towards turning the now barren parcel of land into a future thriving development for the Northland.

“Currently there’s discussion of the formation of a neighborhood improvement district (NID) which would fund the sewer main expansion,” said Ackerson. “Right now there has been ongoing discussion about what sides the sewer lines would go in on and what roads would be needed to serve the development if it does go in out there.

“Ultimately, the city has given a resolution of intent to pass bonds through a NID which would be used to fund the construction of a sewer main to the 435 and 45 interchange,” Ackerson added.

If the sewer line is approved, Ackerson said development in that area may be seen as early as 2007-2008.

“If the sewer line is approved, we would expect development in a one to two year period. If it’s not approved, we would see limited development and see it more in five to ten years,” stated Ackerson.

“My guesstimate is that the entire I-435 corridor would be fully developed in the next couple of decades.”

City Administrator Joe Turner said the development along the I-435 corridor would mean great things for the City of Parkville.

“Any intersection on I-435 and Hwy. 45—because they are both major highways—is something all cities should consider for future development of that area and the financial impact that would be felt by the city in regards to revenue generated and expenditures spent on supplying city services to that area,” said Turner.

As Parkville anticipates the development of the I-435 corridor, Turner said it’s imperative to make sure the site coincides with the city’s plan.

“We want to make sure it develops in the proper way for the City of Parkville. We want it to complement the City of Parkville and our tradition of ambiance,” he said.


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